Most of us, from time to time, dream about escaping the rat race, packing it all up and starting fresh. A lot of coffee roasters will tell you that their years spent in a daily nine to five routine were simply a stepping stone to establish their own roastery.

If you’re reading this, you might be roasting already or might be considering taking the plunge like so many brave souls have done before you. The first step is to realize and accept that you want to be independent and do your own thing. Next you need to determine how you want to spend this freedom: Do you want to open a coffee shop or cafe that serves supplied, roasted coffee or do you want to travel to exotic places, sourcing beans you roast for clients all over the world? Or perhaps you want to do both?

Research is key. Read. Join forums. Read. Have discussions. Ask questions. Read some more.

For more background information have a look at this eye-opening article by Fresh Cup, “Whether to Roast” and becoming a successful coffee roaster