The Green Roaster

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With our truck leaving for Cape Town today, we jumped to finish our custom Green Roaster asap.  The machine is heading to a stunning little bakery and we cannot wait to have it running on-site.  We did a few test roasts yesterday and (almost) everything work perfectly.  In fact, this is one of our quietest roasters yet thanks to some new armored and shielded cables that takes out the high pitched noise usually generated from the Variable Speed Drive on the fan.

The green colour was requested by the customer and, after some getting used to, I fell in love with it.  Not only is the machine itself a pleasure to work on, but I think the colour and wood combination gives it a fresh and lively look.  It is not too “in your face” or dulled out.  Just right!

Take a look:

The Green Roaster 3


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