The Genio 6 Artisan Featured in TV Commercial

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It’s always exciting when you get the opportunity to be on television, but when you get the opportunity to be on television and have your latest product feature in a mainstream television commercial in the same year, well that’s just priceless…

Genio Roasters has been very privileged the past couple of months to receive amazing coverage on the television breakfast show ‘Dagbreek’ (on DStv’s kykNET channel 144) and now being featured in Liberty’s television commercial as part of their paycheck investment campaign.

The advertisement was produced by Darling Films mid-September this year in Johannesburg’s historic City Hall and showcases Genio’s new Artisan roaster. The plot of Liberty’s investment ad promotes that with their money plans you could be seeing a big enough return on your investment to start up a business of your own. Perhaps even a coffee roastery?

Watch the full advertisement below and some behind the scenes pictures and video of what it was like on set.

Photos of the look on set and how the Genio 6 Artisan was featured

A behind the scenes video walk through of how it looked like on set.

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