The Genio Smart Control System

The Genio Smart Control System is a game-changer for your coffee roastery business. Achieving consistency and full control is just some of the benefits of using this initiative control system.

The control system consists of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet, a control panel with turning dials and ProRoast Android App that are already included in the purchasing price of your roaster. That’s right, no additional cost, subscriptions of paid features.

The Genio Smart Control System has 5 different roasting modes, depending on your preference and requirements. Switching between the different modes is achieved by the quick turn of a dial on the control panel. The different modes is:

  • EStandby Mode
  • EPrime Mode
  • ERoast Mode
  • EProfile Mode
  • EAuto Mode

The ProRoast App allows the roaster operators to log, load and manage roast profiles on their compatible Genio coffee roasting machines. Operators can log several roast parameters during roasting including:

  • EBean Temperature
  • EEnvironment Temperature
  • EBean Rate-of-Rise
  • EEnvironment Rate-of-Rise
  • EGas Settings
  • EDrum Speed Settings

Furthermore, the operator can store profiles into the database and load them again as references in new roasts. There is also the option to store green bean origins into the system in order toassociate roast profiles with a particular origin.

Download the Genio ProRoast App today from the Google App Store for free.

Download the ProRoast Controls Brochure here.

ProRoast Mockup