Costa Rica Monte Plata Tarrazu



In our factory we will always choose the Costa Rica for our daily cuppa.  This coffee is easy drinking and goes down well as either a pour over or espresso base drink.  A medium to full roast brings out the caramel flavours without dampening the sweetness and unique characteristics of this excellent coffee.

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200g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter, Chemex, Aeropress, V60, Cupping


The Costa Rica is our resident all-rounder.  We’ll choose this coffee over most in the shop for an easy drinking wake-me-up in the middle of the day.  It works as well in espresso-based drinks as it does in pour overs.

The beans are sourced through Seven Oaks Trading located in Kya Sands, Johannesburg.  We did many cuppings with Seven Oaks’ Nicodemus Nabakwe, an incredible coffee professional with more experience in the field than any other coffee guy in SA.  His skill and knowledge in handling his own Genio 6 Precision series roaster is inspiring.  Nico showcased his Costa Rica in various blend ratios as cappuccino’s, espresso’s and filter coffee.  We chose the Costa Rica for it’s fantastic aroma and versatility.  A truly unique coffee that we would not have known about was it not for the legendary skill of this coffee professional.

Roast Profile

We are a little more flexible with the roast profiles of our Costa Rica coffee.  That means that we don’t necessarily follow a set profile with precise changes in the roast.  This profile is as easy going as the coffee itself, so we let the beans roast themselves instead of trying to mold them into a particular roast profile.

Immediately after charging the beans into the drum, we turn the gas pressure up to 1.5kPa.  This gives us a consistent Turn Point of 105 degrees C with a properly primed machine.  We aim for a 13-odd minute roast, focusing instead on the colour of the beans than the final time or temperature.  The development of Costa Rica is around 25%.  We want a mild body with lots of sweetness remaining in the bean.

Origin Profile

CountryCosta Rica
RegionSanta Maria de Dota
Co-opMonte Plata Tarrazu
Growing ConditionsShade Grown (Bird Friendly) Coffee
Screen Size90% Screen 15
Altitude1450 - 1850m
VarietalCaturra and Catuai
HarvestDecember to March
ProcessingWashed with clean water