Our webshop is currently under construction.  It is fully functional, but we are still working out the minor design details such as content and images.

Welcome to the Genio Web Shop.  We are not a roastery.  But we are very fortunate to have traveled the world installing coffee roasters.  During our travels we have accumulated a great amount of experience and knowledge in the coffee world.  The roasted coffee on our webshop is a creative outlet that allows us to showcase our what we have learnt from our travels and what our machines are capable of.  We do not aim to become a large-scale roaster; instead we’d like to use our roasted coffees as a showcase of our roasting machines, their profiling abilities and the unique flavours and aromas that our machines are capable or producing into any given coffee.  We also have a range of tools and equipment for roasters that keeps expanding as we learn from and with our clients.  This platform is a place where existing and aspiring roasters can come to learn, see, taste and experience the world of artisinal roasted coffee.