What we already know:

The ProRoast systems puts the operator in complete control of every aspect of the roast.  During a roast, each parameter of the process is monitored and plotted in real-time on the screen. The app automatically updates over Wi-Fi, ensuring that you always benefit from the latest software and features.


  • Bean Temperature
  • Bean Rate-of-Rise
  • Environment Temperature
  • Environment Rate-of-Rise
  • Gas Pressure
  • Air Pressure
  • Drum Speed


  • Roast Time
  • Development time and percentage
  • First Crack time and temperature
  • Turn Point time and temperature
  • Current mode
  • Alarms / Important messages
  • Dashboard overview


  • Save current roast profile in the Dash board
  • Load a profile as a reference graph
  • Sort profiles by favourites
  • Add bean origins to Dash board
  • Share profiles with friends and colleagues
  • Our system comes free of charge

What to expect with App Version 2.3.47

The innovative ProRoast app by Genio Roasters is receiving an update. Working off of the feedback given by Genio clients, we have streamlined the user interface with the ability to provide a more informative profile view.

What is being updated?

Settings Screen

The settings screen has received a facelift with newer, easy to use controls. The simplified interface does away with the previous many input boxes.

Profile Update Dialog

We’ve added more coffee variable fields in the Profile Update screen.  This will help you to see the specific parameters of the particular roast to make it easier to identify.  The app also calculates weight loss automatically and encourages the operator to make notes of this particular profile, it’s green and roasted weights and the origin.  With this update we are paving the way for bigger and better things still to come this year!


Leave us a comment telling us what features you would like to see in the next update.

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