Genio 30 Series Coffee Roaster

A Precision Hand Crafted Coffee Roasting Machine


The Genio 30 series machines include:

Capacity 30kg optimal batch size
Heating 100kW gas burner
Roasting Air Flow 1440 m³/hr at 2500 Pa
Cooling Air Flow 3660 m³/hr at 4000 Pa
Electrical 380V 50Hz Three Phase
Control Full Profile Logging & Control
Delivery 12-16 weeks
Drum Dual-wall ceramic coated
Roasting Principle Convection & Conduction
Roast time 11-15min
Motors 5x Variable Speed


The Genio 30 series is designed and built for serious roasting operations where speed, consistency and reliability are key. Consecutive batches can easily be roasted in less time thanks to automated weighing, vacuum loading and unloading, destoning and silo systems.

With ultra-fast thermal response for exact heat profiling and complete control over flame size, dynamic burner positioning, motor speeds and roastery layout options, the Genio 30 Precision and Precision Pro series roasters are at the top of the roasting industry.  


The Thermal Management System (TMS) gives the operator complete control over convection and conduction heating optimisation. TMS adds a new dimension to roast profiling: heat transfer profiling.  By dynamically adjusting the position of the burner relative to the drum, the roasting fan rpm and the drum rpm, operators are able to adjust the amount of convection or conduction heat that is being applied to the beans.  The operator has full control over the system’s setup, allowing them to adjust parameters of the TMS system or even disable the whole feature or any section thereof should they wish to do so at any time.

A seamless dual-wall 10mm mild steel (carbon steel) roasting drum takes care of agitating the beans while transferring the optimal amount of energy to the beans. As mild steel is a good heat conductor with fair heat retention, the outside of the drum is coated in a high performance ceramic typically found in race car engines. The ceramic distributes the heat evenly over the surface but also adds some heat retention ability to the heat transfer profile.  The dual-wall breathes in fresh hot air and allows the air to circulate over the entire surface area.  A Genio’s drum will always give you even roasting, optimal convection heating and zero hot-spots or scorching.

ProRoast App

Our latest ProRoast Touch Screen System puts the operator in complete control of every aspect of the roast.  The 10″ Android tablet allows the operator to move freely about the roaster with a wireless Bluetooth connection.  During a roast, each parameter of the process is monitored and plotted in real-time on the screen.  The app can store around 3000 profiles, and any profile can be re-loaded as the “reference roast” in the background to compare your new roast against in real-time.  The app automatically updates over Wi-Fi, ensuring that you always benefit from the latest software and features.

The AUTO feature (Precision and Pro upgrades) on the ProRoast System allows roasters to copy the exact settings from your reference roasts.  For example, you can switch drum speed to Auto and the machine will do the same as you did during your previously recorded reference roast.  You can choose to switch any or all of the dials (gas pressure, drum speed and air pressure) in and out of Auto as many times as you want, whenever you want.  Professionals use Auto for the beginning of a roast before switching the dials back into manual mode at first crack.

But in Profile mode (Precision and Pro upgrades), things get even more interesting.  Here, the machine uses advanced algorithms to copy not only your reference profile’s settings but the actual temperature profile as well.  The system will automatically adjust the gas pressure (while keeping your reference profile settings as a baseline) to compensate for environmental, ambient and seasonal changes and thereby duplicating the reference profile’s bean temperature with up to 99% accuracy.  This revolutionary system will ensure that you achieve perfect consistency no matter what, and is a great tool to have if you are the one who sets up the initial roast profiles, and you have a roaster operator who is responsible for the day to day operation of the machine but who does not have the skill and experience that you or your master roaster has.


  • Bean Temperature
  • Bean Rate-of-Rise
  • Environment Temperature
  • Environment Rate-of-Rise
  • Gas Pressure
  • Air pressure
  • Drum Speed


  • Roast Time
  • Development time and percentage
  • First Crack time and temperature
  • Turn Point time and temperature
  • Current mode
  • Alarms / Important messages
  • Dashboard overview


  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet is included
  • Save current roast profile in the DB
  • Load a profile as a reference graph
  • Sort profiles by favourites
  • Add bean origins to DB
  • Share profiles with friends and colleagues
  • Our system comes free of charge