Precision Roasted Coffee with a Slap of Fish & Chips on the Side

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We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when the mission is to travel to three different countries in a week. Genio Roasters travelled to Austria, Germany and England in November to install and configure roasting machines. But it wasn’t all just work, we also got to meet old and new friends, sample some fantastic coffee and eat the best fish and chips in true English style.

photoaOur journey started in Innsbruck, Austria where, along with our friends from Wildkaffee Rösterei, we visited Goran Huber’s world-class barista training centre, Kaffee-Institut. Lucky for us, Andreas Idl from Cropster was also around and assisted us with system stock that will last us a very long time (See some images from our visit to Kaffee-Institut below).



The next stop on our itinerary took us to the enjoyable Thomas Kaffee in Telfs, Austria, where we experienced the combined forces of Cropster’s amazing software and the Genio Artisan Pro’s Thermal Management System (TMS). This allowed us to blend up to 10kg of coffee in the cooling bin and roast with Cropster’s new real-time ‘Rate-of-Rise’ settings. What was really amazing was to see the roast progress on the big screen mounted behind the Genio 6 Artisan’s control panel, giving roasting a whole new dimension.

image-28In our opinion, a professional roaster cannot roast without the help of a Cropster system. It has the added benefit that current roasts can be compared to historic roasts in real time and copied exactly with minimal user input, thanks to Genio’s stable yet ultra-responsive heat transfer. Gas pressure can be controlled to within 0.2% and can be coupled with Genio’s advanced TMS system. Any roast profile can now be executed with ease… Wonderful!

After many hours of testing and detailed configuring to Thomas Kaffee’s Genio 6 Artisan roaster’s Thermal Management System (TMS), it was finally ready and time to hand over this magnificent machine. Many happy successful (TMS) roasts Thomas Hofer! (Images before shipping to Thomas Kaffee in Austria below)

image8WKAny trip to Europe won’t be complete if you haven’t tasted some true German precision roasted coffee and baked delights. After all, it’s a national institution. With the insightful visit to Thomas Hoffer’s, Thomas Kaffee in Austria behind us, it was time to experience Wildkaffee Rösterei Sparkasse. This quaint little coffee shop is situated in the Sparkasse Bank in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a tourist town close to the German Alps. This popular shop serves the mouth-watering breads, cakes and the most aromatic coffee, prepared with a white La Marzocco Strada, two Mazzer grinders and an Über boiler. We were also impressed with the iPhone-connected slow-pour stations and the trained baristas who explained to clients the finer details of every coffee purchased. Nice touch guys! (Images from our visit to Wildkaffee Rösterei’s Sparkasse below)

B2t027BIUAAWcuRAfter a highly successful trip to mainland Europe, it was time to invade England. We started off with a cupping session to clients with coffee roasted on Genio roasting machines in the UK and Germany and teased the taste buds with Wildkaffee Rösterei’s fantastic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere and Burundi beans, sourced through the Long Miles Coffee Project. However taking in the sights when you’re working is also important. The Rugglestone Inn, out in the English Moors, serves excellent English pasties and organic juices for a quick lunch. We also found the time to have the customary fish and chips in a proper English pub with some “proper job” beer to wash it down… Mmmm. Images from our visit to the United Kingdom are shared below.

Before we knew it a week was gone and we were back in the Republic and inspired more than ever to continue delivering the best coffee roasting solutions possible.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our European trip recently, we had an absolute blast! We bring you some high-speed visuals of our meandering tour through the beautiful English countryside, all in search of the next blissful cup of coffee…

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