Genio Roasters Showcase

Client Profile: Common Ground Coffees

Coffee is an interesting thing. Once you realise a coffee tastes great you probably can’t remember the roasting of it as it happened a few days earlier. The best coffee I have roasted was Burundi Dohorerabarimyi. – Francois Vorster, owner Common Ground Coffees

Client Profile: Roberts Roastery

“The Genio roaster is so sturdy and well designed. It is simple to use and gives consistent results every time we use it. The support and encouragement from Neil and his team add to the great Genio experience. Having a roaster that was manufactured on our doorstep was a big motivating factor for us…” Linda & Keith Roberts, Owners at Roberts Roastery

Client Showcase: Wings Coffee Roasters

“My Genio Mezzo coffee roaster operates like a military fighter jet, remarkable performance, amazing control and handling characteristics, maneuverable, user-friendly with state of the art technology, but still a hands on machine, offering you the ability to sense what is happening with the coffee.”

Client Showcase: Heavenly Coffees

Third in our Client Showcase Series is Centurion-based Heavenly Coffees, a micro-roaster of premium quality Arabica coffee beans. Established by Francois Dreyer, it all started when his passion for great coffee became a passionate coffee business.

Client Showcase: Rhino Roastery

We caught up with Theo Rapanos from Rhino Roastery and asked him to tell us a bit more about his company as well as his commitment to producing the ultimate brew. They specialise in selling freshly roasted coffee beans, and selling or renting coffee machines to companies, restaurants, coffee shops, delicatessens, etc.

Client Showcase: Coffee Unplugged

As anyone associated with the coffee industry knows, producing the ultimate brew is a closely collaborative effort. From shrub, to cherry, to bean, to cup, this effort requires no small measure of dedication. So over the coming weeks, we thought we’d like to showcase...