Genio 3 micro coffee roaster is the latest addition to the Genio high-performance coffee roaster range.

Genio Roasters today announced the Genio 3 micro coffee roaster, a new 3kg coffee roaster that will redefine the micro roasting landscape. The Genio 3 is ideal for beginner or sample roasting. The roaster is extremely mobile and compact, making it easy to install and start roasting. Genio sees their range of coffee roasters as a lifelong investment and promotes the new addition to the range to existing roasters as a back-up roaster and to occupy specialised smaller batches.

“Times have changed and with 2020 as the back-drop, we have noticed that although people may not have the money for a large investment, they are still driven by their desire to express their individuality and differentiate their product from others” says Neil Maree, founder and owner of Genio Roasters. “Coffee enthusiasts may have their own career but at the same time they have a passion for the coffee industry and they recognise that they can supplement their income somewhat. This is where the 3kg Genio roaster comes in. It is an affordable roaster for the small business owner and for the entrepreneur as it enables entry-to-market. The Genio 3 is the tool that can transform someone’s passion into earnings with their own unique product, with their own individual, personalised touch.”

Features of the Genio 3 include:

  • Compact design with small footprint at just over 1m²
  • Coffee beans easily loaded into the hopper
  • Same hand-crafted perfection and precision control as rest of Genio range
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Built-in chaff cyclone
  • Fully compatible with Genio ProRoast application
  • Weighs only 350kg
  • Wireless tablet with full manual and automatic profiling
  • Dual-wall ceramic coated
  • Motor with four variable speeds
  • Roasting time of 3kg batch between 11-15 minutes
  • Three year warranty


Genio 3 Technical Specifications:

Capacity 1kg-3kg profile roasting
200g-1kg sample roasting
Dimensions 200 x 460 x 1785mm
Heating   12.5kW gas burner (LPG/natural gas)
Air Flow   Roasting fan: 300 m³/hr @ 1000 Pa
Cooling fan: 300 m³/hr @ 1000 Pa
Electrical   220V 50Hz single phase
Control – Wireless tablet
– Full profile logging
– Full manual/automatic profiling
Profile Plotting 7 graphs in real-time
Reference profiles from database
Drum Dual-wall ceramic coated
Roasting Principle Convection & conduction
Roast Time 11-15 minutes
Motors 4x variable speed

The Genio 3 is already available for ordering and customers can expect the same performance, features and support that Genio Roasters is known for in the industry. For more information on the Genio 3, go to the Genio 3 product page Genio 3 Micro Roaster to download the product brochure.

For more information on the Genio 3 Micro Coffee Roaster, please complete the form below and our sales department will contact you directly.

Genio 3