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What is a Coffee Roaster Operator?

A coffee roaster operator or roast master is a specialist in the art of Roasting coffee. At any Roastery or Roastery café, the roaster operator is the person that ensures that the quality of the coffee roasting is consistent and ensures that all cafe’ clients and wholesale clients are satisfied with the product consistency.

 What is in the Job Description?

  • Interact with clients and wholesale customers
  • Handle and schedule roasting times
  • Operate, maintain and programme the Roaster. You need to schedule daily, weekly and monthly cleaning procedures
  • Confidently carry out cupping sessions with the team and clients.
  • Understand bean quality, origin and packaging of coffee beans
  • Have a true passion for the production and enjoyment of quality coffee
  • The ability to blend single origins with confidence
  • Understand roast profiles and how they would translate over to a specific brew method
  • The ability to brew and calibrate coffee machine (added advantage for demonstration purposes)

What Skills does a Coffee Roaster Operator need?

  • Sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Passion and personality
  • Great people skills
  • Team spirit and cooperation
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to think on your feet
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