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ProRoast Logging System Application

Our latest ProRoast Touch Screen System puts the operator in complete control of every aspect of the roast.  The 10.4″ Samsung tablet allows the operator to move freely about the roaster with a wireless Bluetooth connection.  During a roast, each parameter of the process is monitored and plotted in real-time on the screen.

The app can store thousands of profiles, and any profile can be re-loaded as the “reference roast” in the background to compare your new roast against in real-time. The app automatically updates over Wi-Fi, ensuring that you always benefit from the latest software and features.

The ProRoast App is one of Genio Roasters’ biggest differentiators in the market and gives our customers a significant advantage over other roasters in the market. Set up a demo with our team if you wish to try it out for yourself.

Download the ProRoast App from the Google Play Store

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