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Profiling System

The operator can switch from full manual through various levels of automation, all the way up to full automation at any point during the roast.

Roast in full profile for the drying phase and only switch back to manual mode after the first crack, the choice is yours with the Genio.

There are various levels of automation:


Auto mode allows the specific settings (gas pressure, drum speed or fan speed) to simply copy exactly what it did in the previous roast. If you roasted by hand in your previous roast, the Auto feature will faithfully reproduce those same settings second by second.


If profile mode, the gas settings are taken over by the roasting algorithm and change the gas to match your reference Bean Temperature exactly. It will increase or decrease the gas burner to match your bean temperature by itself. BUT, it will keep your reference roast settings as a baseline for all of its decisions, thereby still keeping your own unique roasting style in the new profile. It helps you to roast without taking you out of the equation.


Switch in and out auto- or profile-mode whenever you want during a roast. There is no limit! If you want to change the fan speed while it was in auto, simply click it back into manual control and make the adjustments you want before clicking it back into auto mode. Whatever you want, whenever you want.

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