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Pre-inspection for your Coffee Roaster

Before starting your roast make sure the following elements and items are checked to ensure a consistent successful roast day. Record name and date.

Below is an example of a PRE-ROAST CHECKLIST:

Gas and Electricity

  • Gas valve open
  • Check gas levels are sufficient
  • Electricity on and plugged in
  • Main power switch on
  • E-stop out
  • Switch on and connect tablet
  • Open ProRoast


  • All pipes connected
  • Flaps closed on cooling bowl
  • Chaff bin empty
  • Chaff drawer empty
  • Sampling spoon in position

Check Vitals

  • Start-up roaster
  • Move dial from standby to prime
  • Ensure flames ignites
  • Monitor temperature rising to prime temperature
  • Drum needs to turn with no scratching sounds
  • Roasting fan turning
  • Tablet displaying temperatures from the roaster

Shutdown Inspection

  • Switch roaster to standby
  • Close gas valve
  • Chaff bin empty
  • Chaff drawer empty

Operator Notes

  • Maintenance checks completed
  • Additional notes on machine
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