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Moving a Coffee Roaster

So, you are relocating to new premises or renovating your roastery. One of the questions we often receive from our customers is about the best and safest way to move their coffee roaster. It is simple but can also be very tricky, but it definitely needs some planning. 

  1. Rent the Superbike trailer from Trailarent.  It can flip down, giving you a nice ramp to wheel the machine up. 
  2. Wrap the entire machine with bubble wrap, then packaging wrap.  It needs to be watertight.
  3. Strap, strap, strap. Buy real straps. Think about weight distribution on the trailer when braking.  Strap down, forward and backwards.  Remove the cooling bin, agitator and hopper.  These will bend when you strap over them.  Be careful not to damage the gas gauge. Use cardboard or blankets to prevent the straps from chafing through and scratching the paint.
  4. We use a custom ramp, but you can use the included ramps of the trailer if you reinforce them with wood.  Have one guy on either end, one in front and two at the back when pushing the machine up or down the ramp.
  5. Call your insurance broker and get in-transit insurance for the replacement cost of the machine.  A Genio 15kg fell on its top in Australia two weeks ago when a client sold his used.  It is an expensive risk not to have a cover.
  6. Roasters cannot move over grass, cobbles or up/downstairs or even pavement.
  7. Check entrance heights and passageway corners to ensure the machine can actually move through them.

Moving a roaster is tricky.  We have loads of experience with it, and even we often find it very difficult.

Your options are:

A) Save some money and do it yourself

B) Get a professional rigger to move it

C) Ask your friendly local Genio manufacturer.  They charge a decent buck, but you’ll sleep soundly that night.

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