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Coffee Grading

Grading is the evaluation of various coffees for commercial use. The grading of coffee is an art and a science of its own and is performed by experts in the field. The following criteria are used for grading coffee:

• Imperfections (these include broken, immature beans, sticks, stones, leaves, debris, etc.)

• Bean size (bigger beans have a higher value)

• Age of the crop (how old the plants were at harvest time)

• Altitude (height above sea level at which shrubs were grown)

• Processing method used (wet or dry method)

• Species and variety of plant (i.e., Arabica or Robusta and what variety of each)

• Plantation or area of production (the signature ‘brand name’ of each crop)

• Cup quality (practical evaluation of taste and smell).

Once they have been graded, green coffee beans are then shipped to roasters to be prepared for consumers all around the world.

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