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Adaptive Burner Pressure Control

By turning the Gas Dial manually, you can make the flame bigger or smaller with exact repeatability every time. Believe it or not, some roasters still do not have this basic feature.

In those cases, the burner is either off or 100% on. In our case, you can choose any percentage or pressure in anywhere from 10% to 100% of gas pressure, or switch it off mid-roast if you wanted. The choice is yours.

With adaptive burner pressure control, have a digital gas gauge. 

You can set the pressure directly in kPa or m/Bar instead of just adjusting the gas from 0-100% of your inlet pressure. 

This system compensates for fluctuations in inlet gas pressure by automatically adjusting the gas valve to match your desired burner gas pressure.  The result is perfect heat consistency irrespective of your inlet pressure. Watch our Tech Talk Session 2 for a full demonstration.

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