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Between Batch Protocol (BBP)

The main purpose of a Between Batch Protocol (BBP) is to reset the roasting machine’s thermal energy between batches. With an effective BBP, you will be able to roast your consecutive batches of coffee using identical gas settings.

When changing batch sizes during your roast day, one needs to implement a special BBP to reset the machine’s thermal energy. We do not recommend this. Switching between batch sizes of a coffee during a roasting session requires mastering more than one profile for a given coffee.

Be sure to give the machine enough time to stabilize to the chosen Prime temperature. It sometimes takes a few minutes for the roaster to stabilize even if it shows the correct Bean Temperature. Monitor the Bean Rate-of-Rise number to see if the roaster is stable; an RoR of below 2 is a good indication of a stable roaster. An RoR above 3 means that the Bean Temperature is still fluctuating.

By using the Prime mode effectively, a roaster can learn to optimize their BBP with relative ease. Play around with different Prime temperatures to achieve the best results.

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