Hostex is Africa’s leading hospitality, food and drink trade show. Genio Roasters were happy to participate in the international event from the 6th to the 8th of May. Months leading up to the even the Genio team worked hard to bring coffees from celebrated roasteries from around the world to showcase at Hostex. Along with speciality coffees Genio Roasters had their very own handcrafted Genio 6 Precision series which is the 7th generation 6kg roaster.
Gardelli Speciality Coffees were among the roasters showcased. Gardelli was voted the worlds best roaster in WCE World Coffee Roasting Champion in 2017. Were happy to contribute to the Gardelli team as they make use of our Genio 15 roaster. Other roasteries that were on show at Hostex were, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Madcap Coffee Company, Intelligentsia and Ritual Coffee
Everyone from the largest names in South African coffee to the casual coffee drinker flocked to the Genio Roasters stand to have a taste of what we were brewing. Showcasing famous coffees opens up a world a coffee roasting that South African roasters may not have been exposed to before
The star of the show was the highly anticipated Cascara from Gardelli. Which is actually not a coffee but a tea made from the coffee cherry pulp instead of the beans. Cascara tea is now emerging as a highly sought after product in the world of specialty coffee. Milled coffee skins are often used as an organic fertilizer in many coffee growing regions. But over the past few years, producers have found that when dried properly, it can be used as an herbal tea.
Some old faces and new friends enjoyed roasting on the Genio 6 we had available at Hostex. Experienced roasters displayed the profiles they had been working on, novices with the guidance of Neil Maree completed their first roast. Genio Roasters celebrated the win of our friend Ishan Natalie who won the Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa Barista Competition. Ishan’s winning coffees were roasted by South Africa’s cup tasting champion Donovan Mclagan the owner of Urban Espress Coffee Co. who also makes use of a Genio 6.
Other winners of Gauteng’s Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa’s competition included the Latter Art Champion Mbongiseni Nkomo from thirdspace. The Cup Tasters Champion Thabang Maluleka from Ciro Full Service Beverage Co.