As inclusive leaders in the speciality coffee industry, one of our goals is to create a supportive Genio community that will make a global impact and give back hope and prosperity far beyond our own reach. We believe that our Genio Distribution and Referral Partner Programme will assist local businesses to thrive in these uncertain and difficult times, giving them all the tools and support to attract new customers to their businesses.

Even though all Genio coffee roasters are hand-crafted and tested at our South African factory, we are actively increasing our network around the globe, to offer the same premium value service and products to all our customers, in any location through our Genio Distribution and Referral Partner Programme.

What is the difference between a distributor and a referral partner?

A Genio accredited distributor receives rebates on successful sales linked to an annual target that is agreed upon when signing up for the programme, while a referral partner receives a once-off incentive for successfully referring a new customer once the transaction is completed. Either way, our customers have the opportunity to earn extra income and grow their businesses.

Here are some of the criteria to join this elite group of Genio Distributors:

  • The prospective distributor must have experience in the coffee roasting industry, selling of coffee equipment and related products of interest and must have a local office in the pursuing territory.
  • The prospective distributor must have a technical support and service team who are trained to provide professional maintenance and service of the roasters and related products.
  • The prospective distributor must meet the mutually agreed annual sales target. Genio Roasters reserves the right to adjust the sales target annually based on market demands. Genio Roasters will work with its prospective distributors for a trial period of 6-12 months to develop specific regional markets. This arrangement gives both parties the flexibility to learn about each other’s capabilities, establish trust and evaluate the sales potential for the products in the local market.
  • The Distributor must always have a Pro version Genio Roasters demonstration coffee roaster of at least 6kg or bigger available for prospective clients to receive a demonstration on. The first demonstration roaster of the Distributor must be purchased new from Genio Roasters at full retail price.

Upon meeting all the above qualifications, the agreement of the distributor will be formalized with a binding contract. The newly appointed distributor will be evaluated annually against the qualification requirements stated in the contract.

For more information on the Genio Distribution and Referral Partner Programme or how to join the Genio distributor network in your region, please contact our Global Business Development Department directly.