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The Genio 30 series is designed and built for serious roasting operations where speed, consistency & reliability is key.

Consecutive batches can easily be roasted in less time thanks to automated weighing, vacuum loading and unloading, destoning, and silo systems.

With ultra-fast thermal response for exact heat profiling and complete control over flame size, dynamic burner positioning, motor speeds, and roastery layout options, the Genio 30 Precision and Premium Upgrade roasters are at the top of the roasting industry.  

With full green and roasted bean conveying options, tailor-made automation systems, extreme performance and ultra-low maintenance systems, the Genio 30 is the perfect professional tool to take your roasting operation to the next level and keep it there for many years to come.


Capacity 30kg optimal batch size
Delivery 12-16 weeks
Heating 100kW gas burner
Air Flow Roasting Fan: 1440 m³/hr at 2500 Pa
Cooling Fan: 3660 m³/hr at 4000 Pa
Electrical 380V 50Hz Three Phase
Control – Wireless Tablet
– Full Profile Logging
– Full manual/automatic profiling
Profile Plotting – 7 graphs in real-time
– Reference profiles from database
Drum Dual-wall ceramic coated
Roasting Principle Convection & Conduction
Roast time 11-15min
Motors 5 x Variable Speed

High-Performance roasters

What started as one engineer’s dream – evolved into a decade of designing & manufacturing of beautiful, intelligent & high-performance coffee roasters.


Our latest ProRoast Touch Screen System puts the operator in complete control of every aspect of the roast.  The 10″ Android tablet allows the operator to move freely about the roaster with a wireless Bluetooth connection.  

During a roast, each parameter of the process is monitored and plotted in real-time on the screen.  The app can store around 3000 profiles, and any profile can be re-loaded as the “reference roast” in the background to compare your new roast against in real-time.

The app automatically updates over Wi-Fi, ensuring that you always benefit from the latest software and features.


All Genio coffee roasters are hand-crafted to perfection for and precision control. 

You can expect the same high-performance roasting as from the rest of the Genio range.

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