Genio 15 Precision Coffee Roaster


The Genio 15 Precision series is our newest addition to the family.  It lends its design, roasting principle and control system from the Genio 6 and adds size and production volume to it.  Capable of roasting 60kg of coffee per hour, this high performance machine will produce batch upon batch of perfectly consistent profiles thanks to its various levels of control and excellent stability.  The operator can switch from full manual through various levels of automation, all the way up to full automation at any point during the roast.  Roast in full profile for the drying phase and only switch back to manual mode after first crack, the choice is yours with the Genio 15 Precision.


Capacity6kg-15kg profile roasting
Production60kg per hour
Heating50kW gas burner (LPG/Natural Gas)
Air Flow- Roasting Fan: 660 m³/hr @ 1100 Pa
- Cooling Fan: 1290 m³/hr @ 2700 Pa
Electrical220V 50Hz Single Phase
Control- Wireless Tablet
- Full Profile Logging
- Full manual/automatic profiling
Profile Plotting- 7 graphs in real-time
- Reference profiles from database
DrumDual-wall ceramic coated
Roast time11-15min
Motors4x Variable Speed

ProRoast App


Our latest ProRoast systems puts the operator in complete control of every aspect of the roast.  The 10″ Android tablet allows the operator to move freely about the roaster with a wireless Bluetooth connection.  During a roast, each and every parameter of the process is monitored and plotted in real-time on the screen.  The app automatically updates over wifi, ensuing that you always benefit from the latest software and features.


  • Bean Temperature
  • Bean Rate-of-Rise
  • Environment Temperature
  • Environment Rate-of-Rise
  • Gas Pressure
  • Air pressure
  • Drum Speed


  • Roast Time
  • Development time and percentage
  • First Crack time and temperature
  • Turn Point time and temperature
  • Current mode
  • Alarms / Important messages
  • Dashboard overview


  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet is included
  • Save current roast profile in the DB
  • Load a profile as a reference graph
  • Sort profiles by favourites
  • Add bean origins to DB
  • Share profiles with friends and colleagues
  • Our system comes free of charge

Control & Automation

Our Control Philosophy

Advanced control systems lies at the heart of Genio Roasters.  After years of development and fine-tuning, our latest generation of control and automation systems ensures that the operator always has full control over every aspect of the roast.  Nobody knows better what they need than the roaster master himself, which is why Genio has developed the entire control principle in-house by like-minded roasters such as yourself.  Our control system is incredibly easy to use, adapts to any roasting style or skill level and is can instantly be switched from full manual through various levels of automation, all the way to full profile automation.

How it works

The Genio system works by connecting the roaster’s hardware, sensors and parameters to the operator’s Samsung tablet through Bluetooth.  This provides a stable, wireless touch screen to monitor every aspect of the roast.  Changes to the roaster’s gas pressure, air pressure, drum speed and modes can be set through intuitive dials and buttons on the control panel.  The changes that you make can be monitored on the screen in real-time, and every parameter is recorded into the database for reviewing later.


In Standby Mode, the machine is ready and waiting your command.  If you just finished roasting and switch to Standby at the end of the day, the machine will cool itself down automatically before switching off.


A roaster needs to be perfectly preheated before you can start roasting.  The Prime feature helps by automatically starting your gas burners and drum and fan modes.



Start your roast by switching to Roast mode.  In this mode, you are in complete control.  You can adjust gas burner pressure, drum speeds and air pressure in the drum with 1% steps for perfect accuracy.


Profile mode is Genio’s version of Cruise Control.  In this mode, the machine is in control of the gas pressure and will try to duplicate your reference roast automatically.

Auto Feature

The Auto feature is Genio’s latest and greatest.  In Auto, the chosen dial will copy the exact settings from your reference roasts.  For example, you can switch drum speed to Auto and the machine will do exactly the same as you did during your previously recorded reference roast.  You can choose to switch any or all of the dials (gas pressure, drum speed and air pressure) in and out of Auto as many times as you want, whenever you want.  Professionals use Auto for the beginning of a roast before switching the dials back into manual mode at first crack.


Heat Transfer

Our unique blend of convection and conduction heating is what makes every Genio the perfect roaster.  Our focus is on convection heat transfer to do most of the roasting. Our burners are positioned so that the flames will never be in direct contact with the drum surface.  Instead, the burner’s energy is used to heat clean air drawn in through special side-mounted air vents.  This results in a sweeter cup with more delicate floral notes, but with the added body and chocolaty notes thanks to the carefully designed conduction heating from the drum’s surface.

Roasting Capacity

Genio’s drums are oversized to resemble that of a traditional 8kg roaster.  With a green bean fill level of only 33% and a roasted bean fill level of only 47%, our drums have more than enough space even at maximum capacity for optimal convection air roasting.

Dual Wall

The drum has 6mm inner and 2mm outer carbon steel walls with a 4mm air gap in-between the two layers.  This gap allows air to move freely between the two layers and keeps the inner drum cooler and evenly heated.

Ceramic Coating

We use a special ceramic paint on the outside of the drum.  This type of coating is typically used on race car engines and exhaust systems.  It helps with heat distribution and heat retention, resulting in a perfectly stable and even heat distribution across the entire surface of the drum.

Ceramic Insulation

We use 3-layers of ultra-high temperature ceramic insulation on either side of the drum.  This insulation ensures a stable roasting environment and keeps the heat inside the roast chamber, resulting in reduced energy usage and better consistency between batches.


Our low NOX, silent 50kW atmospheric gas burners ensure precise energy delivery throughout the roast.  They can be modulated from 20% through to 100% in 1% increments: perfect for smaller roasts that need a delicate touch.  The burners are paired with advanced gas valves and a fully automated ignition and flame monitoring system.  This ensure a safe roasting environment with plenty of power for even the fastest 10 minute roast.


Motors and Fans

With direct drive WEG motors, Varvel gearboxes and high performance fans, you can rest assured in the quality of Genio’s drives.  Additionally, our German made fans have straight radial blades that drastically reduce the buildup of coffee oils, ensuring less maintenance and a longer life span.


We use only the highest quality imported bearings in our machines.  With adjustable position, specially machined housings and high temperature food grade grease, our bearings and drive trains are designed to last for a lifetime.

Cooling Bin

A seamless, aluminium spun bowl is the centerpiece of every Genio.  The material properties of the aluminium coupled with a dedicated, 2700 Pa, 1290m3/hr Elektror cooling fan ensures that our system can cool the beans down to room temperature in as little as 3 minutes.  It’s light weight makes it easy to remove during cleaning and the anodized finish reduces oil buildup on the surface.


The solid stainless steel assembly comes with spring loaded 5mm Teflon scrapers to stir the beans.  Coupled Genio’s unique start-stop feature, our agitator perfectly compliments the cooling bin in style and performance.  It’s screw-less removal system makes cleaning a breeze by simply lifting the entire assembly out for easy access to the cooling fan.



Before you can invest in a coffee roaster, you will need a few things.  This includes Ventilation, Gas and Electrical supply along with sufficient space for your roaster.  We have installed many roasters in everything from private living rooms and garages to commercial coffee shops and industrial roasteries.  Bear in mind that roasting requires enough space to operate your roaster and to store and package all of your coffee.

Your installation site will need to be easily accessible in order to get your roaster delivered.  Roasters cannot be moved over rough terrain, grass or stairs.  We have installed many roasters in challenging locations, so be sure to contact Genio for advice on where to install your roaster.