Frequently Asked Questions


Is roasting coffee profitable?

YES! Otherwise we would not be in business. Roasted coffee is typically sold for a gp of between 60% and 110% depending on your market.  However, the only way to run a profitable roasting business is to sell volume.  The more you sell, the more money will go into your pocket.

What are the typical running costs?
Roasting coffee has very few input costs.  The size of the roaster will determine the input costs, so be sure to ask Genio here for more information.  Here is a basic breakdown of the costs:
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • 10min per day for cleaning
What else do I need in my roastery?
You will need the following to run your roastery:
  • Gas installation for the roaster’s burners which heats the coffee
  • Ventilation installation to remove the smoke created during roasting
  • A good Packet Grinder
  • A package sealer – typically a simple foot or conveying sealer is used
  • Packaging and Labelling to sell your coffee in
  • A vacuum cleaner and small toolbox to keep your roaster clean
  • A scale to weigh your roasted and green coffee
  • Buckets and scoops to keep your coffee – roasted coffee takes up a lot of space!


Why Genio Roasters? What makes your roaster special?
Genio is a young and vibrant based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We focus solely on building coffee roasters and nothing else.  Our experience in the local and international roasting industry is evident in our products as we make it our business to ensure that our customer run profitable roasting businesses.  Without you, we won’t be here.  That is why our customers come first, and so do our machines. We do not have a board of directors to please, nor are we stuck in the same groove that so many others have fallen into.  We employ fresh, new technology that will grow with your business.  Rather than follow what so many other already do well, we strive to break the rules and set the bar higher than what it has ever been.
What is all this talk about Heat Transfer?
Heat Transfer lies at the heart of roasting coffee: energy is passed from the gas burners onto to coffee beans which “roasts” them to perfection.  Of course the way in which this heat is transferred and rate at which it does so will determine the end result.  At Genio we not only focus on how much or how fast the heat is transferred; we also look at what type of heat is transferred and how this information is presented and interacted with.  We make it simple to change between convective or conductive heating and in doing so determine the outcome of your roast from the get-go.
Can I control and change my roast parameters?
YES!  We encourage you to.  Our roasters are all fully adjustable and controllable:
  • Burner flame size (pressure) can be controlled 100% in 1% increments
  • Motor speeds for the fans, drum and even the agitator are all fully adjustable
  • The burner position can also change in real time.  It moves up and down, back to front underneath the roasting drum as you roast.  You obviously have full control over its position
How do you measure temperature during roasting?
Our roasters all have two dual temperature sensors: One for measuring bean temperature and a second for measuring environment temperature.  The bean probe is submerged in the bean mass while the environment probe sits inside the drum but outside of the beans mass.  The environment probe measures the energy that is available while the bean probe measures how much of the available energy has been absorbed by the beans.  Both of the probes each have 2x probes in the same unit, allowing for easy connection to Cropster or other roast logging systems and it also acts as a backup should you lose a probe due to mechanical failure.