Customer Journey

We understand that when purchasing a Genio Coffee Roaster, you make a lifelong investment into your business and that is why we are part of your roasting journey from the minute you join the Genio Family for years to come. That is part of our #GenioforLife philosophy. 


Genio’s bespoke Customer Journey is where the real value lies from the moment you engage with us to become the proud owner of one of our premium-quality coffee roasters.

Your journey with us is well-planned, and we are ready to guide and support you every step of the way.

We take a personal interest in our customers as we have a lifelong commitment to the success of your business.


Genio Hub

As we assemble your roaster, we continuously update you throughout the process. You now have full access to the Genio Hub, the central platform where you will find all the documentation, training, and technical support you need, wherever and whenever around the globe:

  • Customer profile
  • User manuals and certification
  • Self-help tutorials
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • Genio Training Academy


As trendsetters in the industry, we offer you the opportunity to customise your roaster. A customisation session with our design team will take care of all the detail.

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The Genio Hub

Site Preparation

We schedule a virtual meeting to guide you in the set-up of your site and any specific requirements.

The Genio Hub

Sensory, Cupping, and Quality Control Skills

You are now part of the Genio Family. While waiting for your roaster to be delivered, online interactive training seminars with roasters all over the world will hone your sensory, cupping, and quality control skills.

The Genio Hub

Delivery, Unboxing, and Commissioning

Your roaster is ready to be delivered. On arrival, we schedule another virtual session to guide you through the unboxing and the commissioning of your roaster.

Genio Training Academy

There is a range of training courses and videos available on the Genio Hub to prepare you for the arrival of your roaster, your first start-up, and beyond:

  • Basic and/or advanced roasting courses
  • Business strategising with accredited SCA Roasting Foundations
  • Intermediate and professional certification

Dedicated After Sales Team

Once comfortable with your roaster, we schedule a follow-up call to ensure everything is running smoothly and then every 6 months thereafter.
At all times, our dedicated After Sales Team is just a phone call away.

The Genio Hub


We are now partners for life. You have the support and the tools you need to succeed. Welcome to our community.

The Genio Hub