About Genio Roasters

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Genio Roasters is a vibrant engineering company that specializes in the design and manufacture of coffee roasting equipment. Owned and operated by Neil Maree, our roasters are built by hand for the discerning individual who values the quality of their roasted coffee above all else.

Genio Roasters understands the coffee industry by being actively involved in it world-wide.  We take a personal interest in all of our customers and give them advice and assistance in building and growing their coffee roasting businesses.

Apart from coffee roasting machines, Genio Roasters also provides our customers with a wide range of services and products to complement our handcrafted machines.  We put our customers in contact with the right industry connections from equipment suppliers, financing options, and roaster/barista trainers to green coffee brokers and qualified service technicians worldwide.

We are celebrating 10 years of excellence in the specialty coffee industry and it is our goal to confidently continue to design and manufacture premium quality coffee roasting products to the global market through a network of hand-picked accredited distributors that share that same values as us.

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Even though all Genio coffee roasters are hand-crafted and tested at our South African factory, we are actively increasing our network around the globe, to offer the same premium value service and products to all our customers, in any location through our Genio Distribution and Referral Partner Programme.


For more information on how to become a Genio Roasters distributor or referral partner in your region, please contact our Global Business Development Department directly.

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Genio Roasters started in 2009 when Neil Maree decided to combine his electronic engineering degree with his love and passion for coffee.

Neil completed his final year by designing and building a coffee roasting machine that is still in regular use today.

Neil was a finalist in the SA National Barista Championships and used this unique experience to build Genio Roasters to the international coffee roaster company that it is today.


Delivering to no less than twenty countries, Genio Roasters has positioned itself as a leading coffee roasting machine supplier.

We have agents in Germany and the United Kingdom who ensure that our machines are well represented in Europe while other countries include Turkey and Taiwan.

Genio has been the main sponsor for The Coffee Magazines’ A Shot In The Dark Competition since 2018, where numerous roasters compete against each other for the title of Top Roaster of the year.  In 2020, A Shot in the Dark will be open to everyone in South Africa (and around the world!).

Genio Roasters’ rapid growth has been made possible by partnering with passionate coffee professionals all over the world.

Our partnerships with unique individuals and passion to position our business as a structurally sound, community conscious and forward thinking enterprise is what drives us forward every day.

Our future plans include evolving our product to include a wider range of roasting machines, ancillary equipment and services offered. 

R&D lies at the heart of Genio Roasters, having been born from an engineering environment. We continuously strive to be better and have secured a large government research grant to help with our ambitions.

The North-West University in Potchefstroom is our research partner and has helped us to expand and tailor our unique product offering to what our customers have asked for in the field. With advanced engineering experts, professors and lecturers on the team, the Coffee Roaster Environmental Research and Automation project (CREMA) is well positioned to develop several innovative new technologies for use in our coffee roasting.

Our Journey to Success

October 1

Move into the New Genio Factory

Move into the New Genio Factory

We are very excited to move into our state-of-the-art factory that will allow us to manufacture premium quality coffee roasters and supply only the best service to our customers.