Premium High-Performance Coffee Roasters

Genio Roasters is celebrating 10 years of designing and manufacturing high-performance coffee roasters, currently represented in more than 23 countries.

From powerful roaster and accessory designs to our always accessible technical support, we will change the way you think about the future of coffee roasting. Our coffee roaster machines are ideal for micro roasting, shop and commercial coffee roasting.

Genio Roasters


Genio Roaster’s precision control system allows full control over gas pressure, air flow pressure and drum speed.

Genio Roasters


Our touch screen will log every roast against previous roasts in your on-board database.

Genio Roasters


Genio Roasters are hand-crafted for professional roasters who value the quality of their roasted coffee above all else.

Genio Roasters


Our personal approach ensures the very best on-site support for production coffee roasting environments.

Client Profile: Common Ground Coffees

Client Profile: Common Ground Coffees

Coffee is an interesting thing. Once you realise a coffee tastes great you probably can’t remember the roasting of it as it happened a few days earlier. The best coffee I have roasted was Burundi Dohorerabarimyi. – Francois Vorster, owner Common Ground Coffees

Let’s turn up the heat!  – How heat application impacts the taste of coffee

Let’s turn up the heat! – How heat application impacts the taste of coffee

Roasting speciality coffee is simple math: We apply heat to green coffee beans to develop the tastes and flavours. Or is it? Different roasting methods transfer heat in different ways. Let us explore these differences by discussing the types of coffee roasters available, how heat is transferred, and what the roasting process does to the bean.

Our Commitment to Quality Control

Our Commitment to Quality Control

Due to a much higher output to local as well as international markets, we now not only have to meet our standards, but we also have to meet different sets of compliance standards for industries across the world.  At Genio, we not only tick the boxes for compliance, but we also tick them to better our service and look after our customers.

Great people to work with! Their customer service is fantastic and their Genio 6 is a great roaster!

26 May 2018

Kobus Erasmus

Magnificent machines and great support from the crew – just love it!

4 December 2016

Bernd Salat

Just spoke to Neil Maree in Poland. His clients are extremely happy with their Genio intelligent roaster. They have been roasting all day. Congratulations Neil and team.

5 August 2016

Serett Maree

Great support, great roaster, great people!

8 November 2015

Doris Karl